Self-Awareness Workshops

Self-Awareness and the Art of Delegating

When I facilitate workshops on delegating I help leaders build self-awareness so they can get out of the way and let their people shine. Delegating allows you to recognize the talents your employees bring to the table, assign appropriate tasks and build a more independent and motivated workforce that makes you look good.

Some things to think about when delegating:

1. What is delegating?

2. What is it about you the helps you delegate?

3. What are some specific techniques you can use to delegate?

4. How will you and your business benefit from delegating.

5. Do you know how to use your employees talents to help you look good?

When you master delegation you encourage your employees to perform well and help you succeed rather than always having to do things yourself. Delegating allows you to work on improving your organization rather than wasting valuable time micromanaging employees. What will you do to delegate more?

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