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Leadership and Welcoming Change

Leaders are often faced with the choice of changing or doing what they’ve always done. Those who welcome change create new opportunities for growth while those who resist it quickly find themselves falling behind. Here are some ideas to help you practice self-awareness and deal with anything that comes your way:

Shift Your Perspective

If you perceive something as scary or negative you’ll tend to react based on those feelings. When you focus on how difficult times are or how worried you are about the future, your organization will reflect that perspective. You get to decide whether change scares you or inspires you to take action and build a stronger organization.

Be Proactive

Being proactive is the opposite of panicking because of lack of vision or planning. Think in terms of what you can do to welcome change rather than letting it surprise you. Savvy leaders and organizations think ahead and put policies and procedures in place that welcome change and anticipate future events.

Change Your Habits

It’s normal to be comfortable with your habits but it can easily lead to stagnation. Some leaders have a nervous breakdown when something unexpected comes their way rather than using it as an opportunity to learn and grow. Think of ways of letting go of the old habits that don’t work and replacing them with positive behaviors that yield better results.


Change is a constant regardless of whether you choose to accept it or pretend it’s not happening. Healthy leaders constantly evolve by fine-tuning their leadership style. They relish new ideas and approaches rather than pining for the good old days. Look for ways to continue updating your thinking and behaviors so that you don’t become a dinosaur.

You get to decide whether change frightens you or whether you use it to improve your leadership skills. If you’re ready to go beyond hanging on for dear life and hoping you make it through difficult situations, then change can help you become a stronger and more nimble leader. What will you do to welcome change?

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