Self-Awareness Workshops

Self-Awareness Workshops

I’m excited to introduce Self-Awareness Workshops. I wake up each morning and help creative, talented people like you discover how wonderful they are.

I facilitate interactive self-awareness workshops that help thoughtful people get in touch with who they really are and live authentic lives that draw on their talents and creativity. I help people let go of the things that don’t work and practice uplifting behaviors.

I love helping people live lives of great self-awareness so they can treat themselves and each other kindly and enjoy life to its fullest. We’re only on this amazing planet for a while, so why not love ourselves and each other and live lives of great fulfillment and joy?

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Self-Awareness Workshops

Think Success

If you think you will succeed you tend to succeed because you take action and you move in circles that are beneficial to you. Even though people understand this concept intellectually they often get stuck in, “I can’t succeed,” mode. It’s perfectly normal to feel like you’ll never break through or achieve your goals but you can have a great impact on how your life moves by simply thinking successfully.

Try thinking about the following things the next time you feel like you are lacking success.

1. What do I want to succeed at?

2. What am I doing today to achieve my goal?

3. What baggage can I shed so I can begin working on my goal?

4. What is one step I can do today to succeed?

5. How will I know if I’ve succeeded?

6. What will I do to enjoy and celebrate my success?

7. What do I need to do to continue thinking successfully?

Try working through these seven questions and focusing your energy on building your self-awareness and being successful. So much of your success depends on how you view what you do in your day to day life. If you always focus on what’s going wrong you’ll tend to move in that direction. If you take the time to celebrate the little things you do along the way, you’ll build a positive reservoir that will help you move forward.

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Change and Diversity

So much of diversity and change has to do with restructuring the way we do things in the workplace to include new ideas and approaches. It’s natural for people to become apprehensive when changes occur in the workplace. This could be a new copy machine, a new procedure, a different mission, a change of leadership or changes in the composition of the workforce.

As with anything new, people have a remarkable ability to increase their self-awareness and adapt to any changes. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you deal with change in any form. Challenge yourself to come up with answers even if you initially can’t think of any.

1. What can I do to use this change to improve my company?
2. What benefits does this change bring?
3. What skills or abilities does this new employee/changing workforce bring?
4. What can I personally do today to welcome this change?
5. What things do I have in common with this changing landscape?

When you look at these questions you begin to demystify change. As we all know, change is inevitable. These questions will help you create a workplace that truly functions based on that principle.

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Think It and You Can Do It

It’s amazing what happens when you think in certain ways. If you focus only on negative thoughts and what you can’t do, your life tends to follow a predictable pattern. It moves very differently if you think in brand new ways. One of the biggest challenges is to think in terms of success but it isn’t difficult to get started. Try the following steps to help you achieve what is meaningful to you.

1. Think of a goal you would like to achieve.

2. Think of the reasons why you can’t achieve that goal.

3. Think of dumping those negative reasons in a trash can.

4. Develop new, positive, ways you can achieve the goal.

5. Picture what your life would look like if you pursued these positive paths.

6. Start working on your goal.

You will find that your thoughts are a powerful predictor for how you will do in life. You get results based on your self-awareness and what you think you can achieve. Try this exercise each time you feel like you can’t do something and begin moving in new and exciting directions. Where will you start?

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Empathy and Diversity

One of the key skills that people building diversity programs can benefit from is empathy. This often-used but seldom-understood term is the underpinning of much of the practice of inclusion. It consists of a basic question, “What am I doing today to ensure that I fully understand how another person experiences the world?”

We have a limitless capability to understand others but it requires self-awareness and the ability to put our own experience of the world on the shelf, stand back and enjoy learning about other human beings. People run into challenges when they see diversity as a necessary evil and then proceed to ram their own ideas down each others’ throats. Everyone stands around pontificating about how it should be but nobody stays still long enough to really get to know someone else.

Ask yourself the following questions next time you are building any kind of diversity initiative for your business, organization or in your life.

1. Do I fully understand what this person is thinking?

2. Have I removed myself completely from the equation?

3. How can I include the other person’s beliefs/behaviors in my own life starting today?

4. What percentage of my time is spent listening to others?

5. What have I done today to boost inclusion and build diversity?

Diversity doesn’t have to be a scary or foreboding concept. We can actually use it to become more open to ideas and can literally build a path toward innovation and greater collaboration. Those who practice these ideas benefit from moving beyond their own experience and harness the power of other people’s experiences.

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