Fighting the Facts

There are many individuals who construct idealized versions of themselves to avoid having to look at how they really think and behave and the results they’re getting. It takes self-awareness to look at yourself, admit that something isn’t working and change direction. Here are some questions to ask yourself to stop fighting the facts and live based on what’s actually going on in your life and what you’re capable of doing:

  • What do I do in my life that causes me discomfort?
  • What can I do to let go of the things that cause me discomfort?
  • What would I change about myself to feel more comfortable?
  • What can I do to focus on my own behaviors rather than what other people do?
  • What patterns in my life would I change so I could be happier?
  • What am I willing to do to move in a positive direction?
  • What’s my plan for letting go of the thoughts and behaviors that don’t help me?
  • What will I do to be the same person privately and publicly?
  • What will I do to live authentically?

No amount of fighting the facts can change the reality of how you behave and the results you get in life. Take some time to answer questions like the ones I’ve suggested here and get to know yourself on a deeper level so you can live authentically and happily. Life is much more rewarding when you live based on the facts and emphasize the wonderful things about you. What will you do to stop fighting the facts?

Take care,


The Secret to Developing Self-Awareness

Developing self-awareness means moving from living unconsciously to thinking, feeling and behaving intentionally. Countless people live their lives stuck in their comfort zones, repeating behaviors that don’t make them happy and not realizing they have other options. Here are five ideas to help you develop your self-awareness and improve the quality of your life:

  1. Be willing to look at yourself. You can’t live deliberately if you don’t take a look at and understand who you are as a person. Make it a habit to continuously assess what you do well and what areas need some strengthening.
  1. Examine your thoughts. Which of your thoughts help you succeed or make you happy? Which ones hold you back or keep you from living authentically? Evaluate how your thinking affects your life, keep what works and get rid of what doesn’t.
  1. Examine your emotions. Learn how to acknowledge and feel all of your emotions, not just the ones you’re comfortable with. Heal and bring closure to challenging issues or past hurts in your life. The more you learn how to feel and appropriately manage your emotions, the healthier and more balanced you’ll be.
  1. Examine your behaviors. There are things you currently do that yield excellent results and some that keep you from working on your dreams. Keep the behaviors that help you live meaningfully and let go of the ones that lead you off course.
  1. Be willing to make changes. It’s very difficult to grow in any way if you don’t believe change is possible or vital to your personal development. There is always something you can fine tune so you can become stronger and better able to live a fulfilling life.

Self-awareness matters because, when you understand yourself deeply, you’re able to live consciously instead of haphazardly. It’s the difference between stumbling through life repeating the same patterns and creating your own destiny. What will you do to keep developing your self-awareness?

Take care,


15 Characteristics of Happy People

Being happy isn’t some unattainable abstract concept, you can consciously work on it until it becomes an integral part of your personal development. The challenge for many people is to look at the things that keep them from feeling joy and replace them with new ways of thinking and behaving that help them move in a positive direction. Here are fifteen characteristics of genuinely happy people:

  1. Absence of irrational or excessive fear.
  2. Integration of different parts of their minds.
  3. Ability to behave with empathy and compassion.
  4. Help themselves and others succeed.
  5. Balance and integration between personal and professional lives.
  6. Laugh often and enjoy the lighter side of life.
  7. Able to consider more than one perspective.
  8. Welcome change.
  9. Continually build self-awareness.
  10. Behave joyfully and consistently in all areas of their lives.
  11. Work every day on being happy.
  12. Understand that happiness doesn’t mean endless pleasure.
  13. Actively work on healing their own hurts.
  14. Find meaning inside themselves.
  15. Live a life that reflects who they really are deep inside.

If you practice thinking and behaving in these ways you know the sense of deep balance and fulfillment they bring. If you don’t, then you have an amazing opportunity to begin working on whichever area needs attention in your life. Being happy isn’t about what you say or how you appear on the outside, it’s about your actual thoughts, emotions and behaviors. What will you do to be genuinely happy?

Take care,


11 Ways to Improve Your Life Right Now

There’s a big difference between letting life happen to you and consciously choosing what you think and do. You can live a happy, meaningful, and fulfilling life at any time by deciding that you’re going to do it. If you’re not quite sure how to begin, here are ten ways to improve your life starting right now:

  1. Let go of the need to control events and other people.
  2. Think and behave positively.
  3. Love yourself and others unconditionally.
  4. Heal your hurts, especially the ones you don’t want to look at.
  5. Help others without expecting anything in return.
  6. Discover what you really want to do in life and take daily small steps to make it happen.
  7. Experience all your feelings and learn how to guide them in a positive direction.
  8. Spend time doing the things that matter in life; like working on your dreams or hugging your significant other.
  9. Surround yourself with people who appreciate the real you.
  10. Be open to increasing your self-awareness throughout your life.
  11. Be yourself.

Improving your life requires commitment and effort. Try these ideas and, over time, you’ll improve your quality of life because you’ll be thinking and behaving in ways that lead to deeper happiness. You don’t have to everything at once, start with one item and then move on to the next. What will you do right now to improve your life?

Take care,


Why Self-Awareness Matters

You’ve probably met people, even very successful ones, who behave like they’re clueless or unbalanced in some part of their lives. Perhaps they don’t deal with others very positively, can’t get past some childhood trauma or have ideas about the world that aren’t grounded in reality. What they’re often missing is self-awareness, the ability to understand how their thoughts, emotions and behaviors affect them and others.

People avoid looking at themselves because they’re afraid of what they might find. It takes courage to admit that they’re not perfect, that they’ve made mistakes, that they’ve been wrong in the past or that there are areas that need improvement in their lives. Those who do decide to take a candid look at themselves soon discover that they can live deeply satisfying, meaningful, healthy and balanced lives.

Self-awareness matters because you’re worth it. You deserve to live a fully conscious life that reflects the real you rather than doing all the other garbage that makes you (and the people around you) unhappy. When you understand who you are and why you think and behave the way you do, you get to live an authentic life being yourself rather than trying to be someone you’re not or relying on outside sources for your happiness.

Increasing your self-awareness gives you the opportunity to live the life you were meant to live without restrictions. It’s a journey that begins with your willingness to look at yourself honestly and become the most healthy, balanced you possible. How will you start building your self-awareness?

Take care,


Are You Static or Dynamic?

People tend to be static or dynamic, which means that they either want to keep the status quo or value ongoing change. When you live a static life, you devote a lot of energy to keeping things as they are, a daunting task since the universe is constantly transforming around you. Being dynamic helps you be nimble, flexible and able to handle the challenges that come your way, as well as being happier. Here are some signs that indicate whether you’re static or flexible:

Signs You’re Static
Try to keep things the same.
Struggle with change.
Pine for the good old days.
React to events.
Resist new trends.
Struggle with new ideas.
Look at change as losing something.

Signs You’re Dynamic
Don’t mind if things aren’t the same.
See change as a positive.
Pleased that things are constantly evolving.
Behave proactively to welcome change.
Welcome new trends.
Appreciate new ideas.
View change as gaining something.

In the history of the world, many people have tried to halt change but none has succeeded in the long run. Struggling against change only leads to frustration and disappointment whereas welcoming it makes life easier and more enjoyable. Being static will leave you consistently behind while being dynamic gives you the ability to handle any situation that comes your way. What will you do to be more dynamic?

Take care,


Looking for Answers Outside

People spend a lot of time looking to outside sources instead of looking inside themselves for answers to life’s big questions. Living a meaningful life requires building self-awareness so you can get to know who you really are and live a life that reflects your true self. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help you look deep inside and find the answers that work for you:

  • What brings me joy?
  • What do I love doing?
  • If money were no object, what would I do?
  • What is my passion in life?
  • What do I find meaningful in life?
  • Who am I?
  • What kind of person am I?
  • What talent of mine would I love to share with the world?
  • What am I willing to do to live my dream life?
  • What holds me back?
  • What motivates me to take action?
  • What’s my definition of the meaning of life?

Take some time to carefully answer all these questions, they will lead you toward living a genuinely fulfilling and happy life. You can find the answers you’re looking for if you’re willing to look within and listen to your inner voice. What will you do to find the answers inside you?