A lot of intelligent, well-meaning individuals sleepwalk through life instead of being their amazing selves. That’s why I facilitate self-awareness retreats that help people discover how wonderful they are and live consciously.

My retreats help people look at themselves in ways they never may have before. It’s like they finally have permission to be who they really are while they share and explore openly in a safe environment. My retreats open up new horizons and suggest new possibilities for growth and happiness. Participants begin the process of healing themselves and moving in the direction of their dreams while honoring who they really are.

Leaders and organizations enjoy my retreats because they help them hit the pause button and carefully examine what’s going on in their workplaces or how they function as professionals. Participants learn how to practice kind, balanced, empathic leadership and communicate on a deeper level. Together, we build a foundation of caring and collaboration that helps you, your co-workers and your employees create a healthier, more effective workplace.

Examples of Retreat Topics:

Personal Self-Awareness – Look deep inside yourself to figure out what you do well and what needs strengthening. Take a clear, honest look at how you think and behave and tweak it so you can live a great personal or professional life.

Inspirational Leadership – Leadership works better when the leader has a sense for how his (or her) thoughts and behaviors affect himself and others. Build excellent empathy, communication and delegating skills to inspire people rather than crushing them.

Team Building – Bring people together and help them connect on a deeper level, collaborate positively and get rid of negative behaviors. Help people get along well and get more done.

Effective Communication – Communicate with less effort and fewer misunderstandings. Learn how to interact meaningfully and reduce the noise that gets in the way of effective communication.

Morale and Motivation ­– Identify the root causes of lack of positive morale and motivation in your organization. Learn skills to help people feel valued and enjoy doing great work in your organization.

Problem Solving – Learn how to actually solve problems instead of hoping they’ll go away or being afraid of change. Determine what’s really going on, brainstorm ideas and develop positive solutions.

Conflict Resolution – When you know what’s really causing conflict you can eliminate it permanently. Use conflict as an opportunity to build a stronger workplace.

Healthy Customer Service – Learn practical skills to deal calmly and respectfully with the public or clients in any situation.  

Running Effective Meetings ­– Run meetings where you get stuff done instead of wasting time and energy.

Practical Strategic Planning – Develop a strategic plan that is a reflection of who you are, the work you do and the talents and abilities present in your organization.

Practical Values Clarification – What does your organization really value? Define what you’re all about and put it in writing so you can follow it.

Mastermind Groups – An ongoing retreat where motivated, creative people meet and come up with new ideas to solve old problems.

Who benefits the most from my retreats? Kind, curious and caring people who are ready to look at the deeper things in life and work on their own issues. My retreats work well for creative, forward-thinking individuals who see the interconnections between themselves and others, value building strong foundations and aren’t afraid of change.

I look forward to helping you celebrate yourself in one of my retreats,